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Welsh Government has no respect for concept of free speech

November 29, 2012 5:37 PM

Commenting on reports that the Welsh Government has asked S4C to cancel tonight's repeat of "Pobol y Cwm" due to its portrayal of of the Government's policy on badgers, Peter Black, Shadow Minister for Heritage, commented:

"I am astonished that the Welsh Labour Government can get so het up about a soap opera that they start to throw their weight about in an effort to get the show pulled. Clearly they have no respect for the concept of free speech and artistic integrity. They are acting like old-style bullies, it is as if Malcolm Tucker from 'The thick of it' has decamped to Cardiff Bay."

Peter Black has tabled a Statement of Opinion:

The National Assembly for Wales:

Notes that in its evidence to the Welsh Affairs Select Committee on 29th November 2010, the Welsh Government said, "In our view S4C's editorial independence is absolutely vital."

Therefore regrets the decision of the Welsh Government to ask S4C not to air a repeat of the programme "Pobol y Cwm".