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Park Home Residents in Bridgend to benefit from Peter Black’s Park Homes Bill

October 25, 2012 12:55 AM

Residents of Park Homes in Bridgend stand to benefit from the first Private Member's Bill since the National Assembly for Wales gained primary legislative powers.

The Regulated Mobile Home Sites (Wales) Bill will be formally launched at 2pm on Thursday 25 October by the Welsh Liberal Democrats Assembly Member for South Wales West, Peter Black at an event in Llandrindod Wales.

It will directly benefit residents living in Happy Valley, Weigfach and the Heronstone Park Homes site.

The Bill is intended to modernise the licensing system for park homes across Wales - giving local authorities the resources and powers to award and police licenses and to ensure site owners pass a fit and proper persons test.

The Bill is intended to offer more protection to mobile home owners wishing to sell their homes without prior agreement with site owners.

"Throughout the course of researching and gathering opinions on this Bill I have often been disturbed by stories of mobile home owners being harassed, intimidated and exploited by a small minority of site operators," said Mr. Black.

"Of the responses I received to my survey locally, 77% were from mobile home owners living in Bridgend who were retired and consequently on fixed incomes. Just over a third were over the age of 70.

"Many of them feel that they do not have the protection of the law and the support of local councils with regards to their rights in disputes with site operators.

"This Bill will put those rights on a firm, statutory footing.

"This is the first Private Members' Bill to be put before the National Assembly for Wales since the people of Wales overwhelmingly voted yes in the referendum on further powers in March last year and I'd like to thank all those involved in helping to form it."

The Regulated Mobile Home Sites (Wales) Bill was drawn at random in a Presiding Officer's ballot in November last year.

It will be formally introduced into the National Assembly for Wales on Wednesday 7th November before being considered by the Communities, Equality and Local Government Committee in Stage One of the legislative process which examines the general principles of the Bill.