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Parliament should not dictate housing policy to Wales says Assembly Member

October 14, 2008 12:00 AM

A recommendation by the Welsh Affairs Select Committee that the proposed Affordable Housing Legislative Competence Order be revised so that the Assembly cannot scrap the right to buy has been condemned by Welsh Liberal Democrat Housing Spokesperson, Peter Black.

The report has also recommended that there should be a time limit on any suspension and that it should only be used in areas with a high level of housing demand.

He said: "Although I have no ambition to scrap the right to buy it should be for the Assembly Government to make that decision in Wales. Parliament should not use their powers to dictate policy to Wales on devolved areas."

"It is inappropriate for the Welsh Affairs Committee to try to run the Welsh Government's Housing policy from Westminster. This Labour dominated committee is undermining the limited scope of the Government of Wales Act by dictating how we use the powers we gain from it."

"The Affordable Housing LCO is not wide enough as it is, without Westminster politicians restricting it further. The Welsh Assembly Government should tell MPs to keep their noses out and press ahead with their plans regardless."