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Across South Wales West there is a hard working Welsh Liberal Democrat Team working for you

As the local Welsh Liberal Assembly Member since 1999, Peter Black has been working with councillors and lead campaigners across Bridgend, Ogmore, Neath, Port Talbot, Swansea and Gower.

You can make a difference to the way that Wales is run by joining the Welsh Liberal Democrats and working with them to improve the quality of life enjoyed by people in local communities.

About Peter Black

Peter Black

Peter Black AM

Born in 1960, Peter Black is a former civil servant. He worked for the Land Registry for Wales from 1983 to 1999. He is married to Angela and lives in the Manselton area of Swansea. He has been a member of the City and County of Swansea and its predecessor Council since 1984.

Peter is a former Chair of the Welsh Liberal Democrats and the party's spokesperson on Local Government, Heritage, Housing and Finance. He is a member of the Assembly Commission where he has responsibility for ICT, sustainability and the Assembly estate. His interests include housing, science fiction, film, theatre and poetry. Click on the photograph for a more complete biography and contact details.

Read Peter's on-line pamphlet 'This is what the Welsh Liberal Democrats are for.

Recent updates

  • Article: Jul 31, 2014

    The Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly member for South Wales West Peter Black has attacked Bridgend Council's plans to close down, and sell Porthcawl Museum as an act of cultural vandalism.

    Mr Black's comments follow recent confirmation by the Council that Porthcawl Museum is to be shut, and the building sold to the highest bidder as early as this autumn following the failure of talks with Porthcawl Town Council that could have seen the 150 year old Museum's ownership transferred to them.

  • Article: Jul 31, 2014
    By Peter Black in Glamorgan Gazette

    The decision by the Welsh Government to choose the most expensive route for an M4 extension around Newport has been universally condemned, even by those who believe that building roads are an answer to traffic congestion.

    Although, there is a consensus that something needs to be done to deal with problems around the Brynglas tunnels, the chosen route is not just the most expensive but also the most environmentally damaging.

  • Article: Jul 25, 2014

    Liberal Democrats have helped to restore the UK economy to pre-crash levels, figures released today show.

    The UK economy has grown by 0.8% over the last quarter, ensuring that the UK economy has now returned to the same level it had before the banking crisis in 2008.

    Commenting, the Welsh Liberal Democrats Assembly Member for South Wales West, Peter Black] said:

  • Article: Jul 16, 2014

    The Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for South Wales West, Peter Black has written to the Minister for Economy, Science and Transport after residents reported that traveller caravans have started to gather on land next to Amazon off Fabian Way near Swansea.

    Two traveller caravans have appeared on the site near Amazon in Crymlyn Burrows. This is not the first time traveller caravans have appeared on the site, and residents are concerned that more are likely to follow.

  • Article: Jul 15, 2014

    The Welsh Liberal Democrats have revealed today that many people in Wales are waiting months on end until they can attend an

    NHS hearing reassessment.

    A Freedom of Information request by the Welsh Liberal Democrats to Health Boards reveals that waiting times for:

    • hearing aid reassessments within Cwm Taf HB are more than 17 months; 
  • Article: Jul 15, 2014

    The Welsh Liberal Democrats Assembly Member for South Wales West, Peter Black has called on the First Minister to take action to protect leaseholders elsewhere in Wales from falling victim to the sort of rent review clauses in their leases that have hit residents of the Elba Works estate in Gowerton. 

  • Article: Jul 10, 2014
    By Peter Black in South Wales Evening Post

    During a debate in the National Assembly on the digital economy recently, the Welsh Liberal Democrats called for an end to misleading broadband claims which often see customers paying for high speed broadband contracts which do not reflect the speed of service that was advertised.

    I am very concerned that people locally may not be getting a fair deal from their broadband provider. Customers are paying for high speed broadband contracts but in reality they only receive very slow broadband speeds which do not match the level of service that was advertised.

  • Article: Jul 9, 2014

    The Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for South Wales West, Peter Black

    has called on on Neath Port Talbot Council to change their proposed arrangements for collecting rubbish following tomorrow's strike to something more sensible.

    The Council have said that any rubbish not collected because of the strike tomorrow will have to be stored by affected householders for an extra two weeks before being put out for collection on the next normal day in the cycle.

  • Article: Jul 8, 2014

    Responding to the Welsh Government's White Paper published today, 'Reforming Local Government', the Welsh Liberal Democrat Local Government Spokesperson, Peter Black said that it left many questions on reorganisation unanswered, details on costs and council tax levels remain unclear, whilst without reform of the way the new councils are elected we will end up with more of the same:

  • Article: Jul 8, 2014

    The Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for South Wales West, Peter Black

    is urging the families of patients who have been in residential or nursing homes or were being cared for elsewhere for long term illnesses between 1st April 2004 and 31st July 2013 to lodge claims with their local health board to recover the costs of continuing medical care before the deadline of 31 July 2014 so as to avoid missing out.

  • Article: Jul 3, 2014

    The Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for South Wales West, Peter Black has welcomed a manifesto promise by his party to see carers receive a bonus worth up to £250-a-year under a future Liberal Democrat government, which would help more than 13,000 people in Swansea, Neath Port Talbot, and Bridgend.

  • Article: Jul 3, 2014

    Ahead of the Tour de France's Grand Départ in Yorkshire on Saturday, the Welsh Liberal Democrats have repeated their calls for a stage of the Tour to come to Wales.

    It was in the Welsh Liberal Democrat 2011 manifesto for Wales to bid for the Tour de France, and with the world-famous race visiting England this year, the possibility of visiting Wales in the future is even greater.

  • Article: Jul 2, 2014

    South Wales West Liberal Democrat Assembly Member, Peter Black is encouraging South Wales West residents to install energy-saving home improvements, under the Coalition Government's Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF), and claim up to £7,600 back.

      The GDHIF is a new scheme open to all householders, landlords and tenants in England and Wales who want to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. The scheme helps pay for a range of measures such as solid wall insulation and new boilers if people get at least two eligible Green Deal energy efficiency improvements. 

  • Article: Jul 2, 2014

    The Welsh Liberal Democrat spokesperson on Local Government and Equalities, Peter Black, has accused the Welsh Labour Government of failing to sort out the confusion and bureaucracy surrounding the issuing of blue badges to disabled and elderly people in Wales.

    Peter is hosting a debate on this issue in the National Assembly on Wednesday evening.

  • Article: Jul 2, 2014

    The Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for South Wales, West Peter Black

    has expressed his concern at the way Neath Port Talbot Council are dealing with the proposal to close the right turn options to and from Elba Crescent as part of the University campus building work.

    Works to create an access road to the University campus will mean that right turns to Elba Crescent from Fabian Way and vice versa will be prevented on three separate occasions for a three weeks period on each occasion. As a result residents living in Elba Crescent and Baldwin's Crescent will face a long detour to travel to and from their homes.

  • Peter. Black with Milford Haven postman Ben Wilcox (left) handing over a posting peg (for putting letters through letter and Mitzi, the dog
    Article: Jul 2, 2014

    The Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for South Wales West, Peter Black has given his support to the Royal mail's dog awareness week to raise understanding of the issue of dog attacks on postmen and women in Wales.

    In the SA postcode area, around 29 postmen and women were subjected to attacks by dogs from April 2013 to April 2014, a 4 per cent increase on the previous year. In Wales as a whole over all seven postcodes, the number of attacks during the same period was 205.

  • Article: Jul 2, 2014

    The Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for South Wales West, Peter Black has welcomed the news that under Liberal Democrat manifesto plans for the General Election, pensioners would be guaranteed to earn at least an extra £790 per year by the end of the next parliament.

    Liberal Democrat Pensions Minister Steve Webb, has announced that the Liberal Democrats will guarantee in law that in each year pensions will rise by the highest of wages, prices or 2.5%. This guarantee would ensure an increase in the value of the state pension of at least £790 per year by the end of the next Parliament, to the direct benefit of many thousands of pensioners in South Wales West.

  • Article: Jul 2, 2014
    By Peter Black in Seaside News

    On 1st June we marked the 75th anniversary of the loss of HMS Thetis together with 99 of the 103 men on board, when it sank in Liverpool bay off the coast of Llandudno. It was he Royal Navy's worst submarine disaster.

    I have a particular interest in this tragedy as my grandfather worked at Camell Lairds and was involved in the submarine's construction. It is reputed that he was meant to be aboard that day for the ship's first test dive, but he was ill and unable to go into work.

  • Article: Jul 1, 2014

    The Welsh Liberal Democrats Equalities Spokesperson, Peter Black has voiced his disappointment that the Welsh Labour Government are not going far enough to support women who suffer from violence and domestic abuse in the Bill introduced in plenary today: Gender-based Violence, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (Wales) Bill.

  • Article: Jul 1, 2014

    Reacting to the news of potential redundancies at Tata Steel's Port Talbot plant, Peter Black, Welsh Liberal Democrat AM for South Wales West, said:

    "This is very sad news for the workers at Tata Steel, and I hope they're able to find the support that they need at this difficult time.

    "The Welsh Government need to act quickly so those workers who are facing redundancy will know what options are available to them. Both the Welsh and UK Governments must work together to ensure that no-one is left behind by this announcement."

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